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About Us

Ngon is the definition of delicious!

Founded in 2019, Ngon is a must-visit for all bread and coffee lovers. We are here to serve our customers the highest quality meals, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Come on down and treat yourself :)


Our Products

Ngon’s menu is inspired by Vietnamese cuisine and tailored to Vancouverite taste. All of our recipes contain top-notch ingredients curated from trusted suppliers. 

To truly immerse in Vietnam’s sumptuous food culture, it is essential to start your day with a banh mi. This crispy loaf of bread, stuffed with tasty meat, garden-fresh veggies, and flavorus sauce is the healthiest on-the-go bite you can look for. And don’t forget to complement the whole experience with a cup of strong iced coffee - a Vietnamese trademark.   

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